Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guitar Superstars Review

If you're a guitar player you probably understand that it takes time and dedication to become really good. You could spend up to four years at a traditional music school, or you could take advantage of the latest internet technology to learn your guitar playing skills with Guitar Superstars.

1. What Is Guitar Superstars And What It Can Do For You?
This online series of lessons, videos, and jam tracks is designed to make you a better player without the boring hours of practicing chord progressions. It cuts right to the heart of guitar playing and teaches you how to build your left hand strength, work your fret board properly, string your guitar, and focus on really playing what you want to play. Guitar Superstars will teach you how to read guitar music and it covers all the basics of playing the guitar. But it also teaches you how to convert those basics into your own playing style very quickly.

2. Jam With The Best.
One of the most effective tools that is included in the Guitar Superstars curriculum is the opportunity to play along with tracks that feature great guitar players. You will learn how to play much faster when you work to keep up with some of the best players in the business in real-time. Guitar Superstars also lets you record your own tracks to play along with so that you can create intricate pieces all by yourself. The technology that this system uses will make you feel like you're going to a master class every day you turn on your computer.

3. Get Your Foot In The Door.
Guitar Superstars doesn't just teach you how to play, though. It hooks you up with other musicians through an online forum where you can chat about where you are as a player and find out what issues other people have as well. It's possible you'll be able to build a complete band just through the connections you make on the website. This program also offers unique insight into how the music business works. You'll get tips on how to find work as a guitarist and how to cut your first record.

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