Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GPS Tracking for Children - 3 Devices Available to Keep Your Child Safe

GPS tracking for children is becoming more widely available, and there are 3 devices available now that you can choose from to help keep your child safe. It is a terrifying feeling when you can't find your child, and when they are away at school it can be difficult not knowing if they are where they should be. Child abductions are more common than people think and it just takes a second to lose track of a child, but now there is something you can do about it. There are a few other GPS trackers on the market, but the three below are targeted with kids in mind.

1. BrickHouse Child Locator: You may have seen this device on a battery commercial recently; the all too common scene of a mother tending to a younger child only to turn around to find their older child is gone. Panic sets in, but thanks to this device she quickly locates her son and all is well again. Unfortunately, this device doesn't work as well as it shows on that ad and many have found that it is great for finding keys, but not so great for finding kids. So you may want to save your money for one of the other two devices discussed below.

2. SecuraPAL GPS Child Tracking Device: GPS tracking plus an easy to access SOS button, this device gives piece of mind in a handy little piece of technology. One really cool feature is the secura fences that you can place so that you are notified by e-mail if your child leaves any designated spot. You can add as many fences as you like and easily add new ones if new places start to become regularly visited. This device can fit inside a pocket or a backpack and works with both the iPhone and Blackberry.

3. Amber Alert GPS Armor: This is a brand new device that has some very cool features that will work for kids of all ages. You may have seen the previous Amber Alert model before, but this new kid friendly device can be color customized and is about the size of an Oreo. It works with phone apps as well as on computers to use the GPS tracking, which you can watch live and see it move every 60 seconds. The unlimited model comes with an SOS alert, low battery alert, safe zone alerts, a speed alert and more. If you'd like to be able to contact your child you can opt for the 2-way voice which allows you to either call and just listen in, or call your child and be connected with them instantly (it does not ring or vibrate like a cell phone.)

In the article above you learned more about GPS tracking for children and some of the options out there for you to choose from. The Brickhouse child locator may work in some situations, but if you want something a little more reliable, I recommend you take a look at the SecuraPal GPS Child Tracking device as well as the new Amber Alert GPS Armor. You can't do everything to protect your child, but it can give you peace of mind to be able to keep an electronic eye on them. Be alerted if they leave the school yard, keep track of a teenager's speed while they are driving, or just know they have an SOS button within reach if they should need it.

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